What is a Call To Action (CTA)

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I briefly touched on what a Call To Action is in a preview post about things websites need to convert visitors to clients, but in this post I will go into a bit more depth on what they are and the different things that are used for.

To make a long story short, a CTA is simply a place on your website that gives the encourages the visit to act on, like a button to a contact page or a link to the next article. The idea behind them is to make it as easy as possible for your website visitor to move through your website or to direct them through your funnels. Bascially, you want to make it as easy as possible for your visitor to move to the next step.

There are different types of CTAs and ways to use them to get visitors to convert into lead or sales. The most common one is a placing a CTA in the header or banner of your website. If your banner message is strong enough, your visitor may be inclined to click the CTA without even scrolling to see the rest of the page.

You could have a CTA in your sidebar on every page, which could be a form to collect email addresses for a mailing list. If a visitor is interested in your content, they may join your list to receive updates on new content on a regular basis. This is great way to get people back to your website an turn them into paying customers. Many website owners will have a similar CTA in the footer of the website, so if someone reads an entire page and get to the bottom, they will see the form to join the list. Of course, if they are that interested to get to the bottom, there is a good chance they will use that CTA with more confidence.

Types of Call To Action

A CTA is anything that encourages your website visitor to take an action on your website. Here is a few examples of the many ways a Call To Action can be used.

Learn More Button

I Learn More CTA is a great way to get a visitor to who is interested in a certain topic to read more about it.

Try For Free

Giving someone the opportunity to try something for free can give a potential customer a good reason to click that button and sign up to your service.


If you are trying to get people to join your mailing list, this is a good CTA to us. It’s clear and says exactly what it means.

Sign Up

Just like I talked about above, this could be a sign up form for a mailing list, or for a service. You will typically see this kind of CTA on websites such as hosting services at the bottom of a pricing table.

Keep Your CTA Simple

The secret to a successful CTA is to keep it simple. They should never be complicated and should always say exactly what they do. So if you have a Learn More CTA, it should lead someone to a page where they can actually read more about the topic of interest to them. If you want to get them to join a mailing list, then a Learn More CTA can be deceiving whereas a Subscribe CTA would be more fitting.

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