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With over 2500 General Practitioners in Ireland, and numerus more specialists in many other fields, getting your business above the competition in Google can be very difficult, particularly in areas like Dublin, Cork and Galway where there are significantly more GP’s than any other county in Ireland.

Stapolin Website Services has the experience and knowhow to bring your medical practice to the forefront when your potential clients are searching for GP’s and other medical related services on search engines like Google.

We build websites for doctors and work with local medical practices and help them to increase appointment bookings into their clinics, keeping a steady flow of new clients, and repeat business.

Medical Website Case Study

In September 2014, Stapolin was contacted by a STI Clinic in Dublin to manage their online presence for them. When we were contacted by the practice manager, he didn’t really know exactly that he wanted, partly because website design and online marketing was not something he knew much about so he reached out to us to see how we could help his practice grow from an online perspective.

The practice manager had gotten a friend to put up a basic website for the practice about a year before Stapolin was contacted. The hope was to have people find the website and contact the surgery by either filling out a contact form or call the number displayed on the website. The issue was, very few people actually found the website.

Having assessed what the clinic had already done online, in terms of website, social media, any paid marketing both online and offline etc, we came to an agreement to completely redesign the website and clean up all the social media accounts, and manage and maintain all their online presence for a monthly fee.

Rebuilding the Website

In the first month we replaced their current website with a new one which was much easier for visitors to navigate and find the information they were looking for, and made CTA’s easier to see so visitors could easily find their way to call or send a contact form to make an appointment.

We also put time into working on the websites on-page SEO including adding the correct meta data, optimising the page content, optimising the images (sizing, naming and exif data optimisation), optimising the internal and external linking throughout the pages content and menus, including the correct schema data on all pages, and setting up and optimising Google My Business (GMB) listing.

medical website design pages

Within just 3 months of completing the new site and pushing it live, the website was already seeing a large increase in traffic, and an increase in people contacting the clinic to make appointments. For the next few months we worked on things like citation building, and social media accounts.

Although our client was happy with what we had done so far, we were still determined that we could do much better and over the course of the next 5 years we kept optimizing and adding content to the website, and finding more avenues to increase bookings for the surgery. During this time, we redeveloped the website again in December 2017 to keep up with current trends and tweaked the SEO to keep up with the ever changing Google search algorithms.

Conversions on the website were steady and consistent, but in 2020 the Sars virus hit Ireland hard and bookings from new clients started to fade fast, so we jumped into action to see what could be done to bring the number of bookings back up.

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Adding an Automatic Booking System

In April 2020 it was decided that we needed to add a booking system on the website itself, making it much easier for the website visitors to book appointments quickly and easily. The booking calendar also served as a way to show what days the clinic was open during the Covid pandemic. This was reinforced with a non-intrusive pop-up telling the same, which also included a CTA which brought visitors directly to the booking page.

website booking system for doctors
Websites for Doctors booking increased

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

These few changes increased the bookings during the pandemic from 90 a month to 300 a month within the first 2 months of making the changes, keeping the clinic busy right through to today (Feb 2021).

New medical website design
Medical Websites
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